Needle Point Tracing Wheel

December 23, 2013 - Comment

High quality tracing wheel with wooden handle.

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High quality tracing wheel with wooden handle.


Desarie says:

Handy Tool I am in school for fashion design and this is a handy tool to have in your sewing box. It really helps to mark your paper to transfer your muslin pattern. A must have.

Lulu says:

Ditch the Dritz Yeah, this tracing wheel rocks! I mean get rid of the Dritz tracing wheel and go pro with this tracing wheel from Wawak. It’s very sharp and pierces the tracing paper really well. The sturdy wooden handle assures you that it’s not going to break from pressure. I waited too long after I graduated from fashion school to find this little baby. We are now one and I can’t see myself without it! I haven’t used it yet for pattern drafting, but it should be awesome! Hey, the price is worth it and it beats the old Dritz tracing wheel hands down. Just be careful with this little dude because it is very sharp. If you’re a fashion designer, fashion student, or a serious person who loves to sew, give this baby a whirl and say “Why did I wait this long to buy a professional tracing wheel?”

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